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Urban areas around the globe are embracing the newest developments in modern technology by becoming smart cities. These cities integrate sensors and actuators and link them together to collect data. We were intrigued when we first learned about smart cities, so we began doing our own research to discover additional details and we wanted to share this information with others. When you read these articles you'll learn how smart city technology uses the data that's gathered to monitor energy usage in homes and buildings to analyze their energy efficiency. You'll also find out about smart transportation, which entails installing cameras in traffic lights to monitor the flow of traffic. We hope that when you read these and other articles on this site you'll gain a better understanding of smart city technology.


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Understanding Smart City Technology

A Few Tips For Successful Crowdfunding

by Gina Reid

Whether you are hoping to start a business, or want to expand one, it is going to cost money. When you do not have the necessary money, you may need to go to a bank or other lending institution. However, it can be difficult to get a business loan if all your finances are not in good order. This is when you should turn to crowdfunding to get the money you need for the project. Crowdfunding is using social media and other online sources to gain donations, loans, or investments to complete your project.

Each crowdfunding platform will have specific rules as to how you must proceed to receive the money. You need to set a goal. Some platforms will not release any of the money until the goal has been reached. You also need to determine what, if anything, the donors will receive. While you may have a crowdfund that is strictly for donations that do not need to be repaid, you should offer at least some type of gift that pertains to your company to show your thanks. Donation crowdfunding should be left for charity situations. In addition to getting the money you need, a crowdfund also provides your business with connections and sources that can help in the future. You need to give a good first impression if you want to be able to use your funders as another business resource.

Be Realistic

Do not just sit down at the computer and start typing out your pitch to publish it immediately. Take some time and do a bit of planning. You need to decide on a realistic goal. Even if the platform allows you to take some money before you have reached the goal, the people who may be willing to send funds are going to be a bit skeptical if you are asking for a large amount of money that seems to be more than what you should need. While businesspeople understand there should be room for error in any budget, people feel you should be willing to take this on yourself. You should be able to come up with at least some of the funding on your own.

You also need to be realistic about a timeline. Do not give deadlines for what you want to have accomplished if you are not absolutely sure you can meet them. People will be more apt to give money if they believe the project will be completed. An exaggerated deadline is often a reason people end up giving up on things.


Once you publish the request, be sure to keep everyone informed of what is happening. If you have not received any, or much, funding yet, tell everyone what you are doing to work towards completion of the project yourself. Let them know of any changes to the plan or ways you have found to keep going and working toward the project without the money. This will help people believe you have everything in place to get the project moving as soon as you have the funds. There are almost always many things to be done in the planning stage.

Remember to always be grateful and thank anyone who sends money to your crowdfund. Do not simply say thanks on the website either. Find a way to send some type of card, letter, or thank you to each person individually. If you have a physical address, a physical card or a small token is always appreciated. You want the people who send money to be glad they did so they may send more if they are able and so they can tell their friends about it.

There are many different crowdfunding platforms and websites. However, to make the most of your pitch, there are a few practices that will help launch a fund people will be willing to send their money to. Keep these things in mind when setting up your crowdfunding pitch.

To learn more about the best practices for crowdfunding, contact a crowdfunding platform.