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Urban areas around the globe are embracing the newest developments in modern technology by becoming smart cities. These cities integrate sensors and actuators and link them together to collect data. We were intrigued when we first learned about smart cities, so we began doing our own research to discover additional details and we wanted to share this information with others. When you read these articles you'll learn how smart city technology uses the data that's gathered to monitor energy usage in homes and buildings to analyze their energy efficiency. You'll also find out about smart transportation, which entails installing cameras in traffic lights to monitor the flow of traffic. We hope that when you read these and other articles on this site you'll gain a better understanding of smart city technology.


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Understanding Smart City Technology

Understanding The Benefits Of Build-To-Suit Versus New Construction For Your Data Center Move

by Gina Reid

If you are looking for a facility to relocate your company's data center to, you might be trying to decide between buying land and building your own or opting for a build-to-suit facility with a data center company. Here are a few of the reasons to consider working with a build-to-suit company instead of constructing your own data center from the ground up.

Building Your Own Data Center Is Costly

Any kind of new construction is going to require a lot of capital, but constructing a data center is particularly cost-prohibitive. After all, you'll have to deal with the infrastructure on the land, the building construction, the wiring, plumbing, and other details, and then you'll also have to pay for all of the cabling and data center design.

If your company is short on capital or you're trying to maximize your investments, you'll want to consider choosing a build-to-suit data center instead. You won't have the core costs for land purchase and preparation, building construction, and other expenses. You'll know exactly what you have to pay based on the design you need for your data center, and you can plan accordingly. Since you're relocating an existing data center, it's easier to determine what you're going to need based on what you'll be moving into the facility, too.

Choosing A Build-To-Suit Facility Is Faster

Constructing a building from the ground up is time-intensive, which can seriously delay your data center move. However, if you choose a build-to-suit data center, the facility will be up and running much faster. The construction required is solely for the interior to design the data center environment itself, not the building and all. 

That means your company's new data center will be ready much sooner, allowing you to complete your data center move and get things up and running in a shorter timeframe. This is ideal if you're on a deadline in your current location and still need to pack up and move the infrastructure in the existing data center location. When time is of the essence, a build-to-suit data center is a great option.

Build-To-Suit Facilities Are Easy To Scale Up

When you opt for a build-to-suit data center facility, you are working with a data center company that has the resources and the scalability to meet your company's growing data center needs. Instead of having to build a data center facility that's much larger than you need and spending more than necessary over the years until you grow into it, a build-to-suit data center can grow with you, because the data center management company can help you scale up as needed with newer equipment, improved storage capacities, and even additional space for server racks.

These are some of the key reasons to consider a build-to-suit data center instead of building one of your own. Contact a data center management company today to establish the facility you need and to move your company's data center as soon as possible. Work with a company like Migra Systems for more help with your data center move.