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Urban areas around the globe are embracing the newest developments in modern technology by becoming smart cities. These cities integrate sensors and actuators and link them together to collect data. We were intrigued when we first learned about smart cities, so we began doing our own research to discover additional details and we wanted to share this information with others. When you read these articles you'll learn how smart city technology uses the data that's gathered to monitor energy usage in homes and buildings to analyze their energy efficiency. You'll also find out about smart transportation, which entails installing cameras in traffic lights to monitor the flow of traffic. We hope that when you read these and other articles on this site you'll gain a better understanding of smart city technology.


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Understanding Smart City Technology

What To Look For In A Touch Screen Cash Register System

by Gina Reid

Setting up a top-quality touch screen cash register for small business needs is an important task at many locations. If you're not sure what to look for in one, though, this list of four desirable options will help you arrive at a decision.

Easy Addition and Subtraction of Items

When you add or remove items from a store's inventory or a restaurant's menu, you want to have as little trouble as possible. Most vendors will let you test drive systems, and it's a good idea to poke around the way items are entered into and removed from the system. Remember that any trouble you have when testing the system will also be a problem for each new employee who's introduced to it. You want a setup that always keeps it simple.

Customer-Facing Point-of-Sale Setup

Especially if you have a situation where you'd like to provide a self-service option to customers, such as at a fast-food business, a touch screen POS system can make a major difference. Many options are available today that allow a customer-side terminal to be used for ordering. Folks can then bring their orders to the register, where a staff member can ring up the sale. Orders can even be sent back to folks who are preparing food and have access to a touch screen POS monitor that shows current sales, and a notice can be issued when the order is finished.

Dashboards and a Backend

It's normal these days for a touch screen cash register system to include a significant amount of software. Ideally, your setup will include software with a backend that provides support for analytics and business intelligence. A well-conceived dashboard should be included to allow you to quickly navigate through sales information and orders in a variety of ways. For example, you should be able to rapidly pull up the profit margin for each of the last three months.

Mobile integration is a major plus with such systems, too. This will allow you to access the dashboards from your phone so you can check up on things even when you're on the go.

Integration with Accounting and Tax Software

Lots of businesses use packages like QuickBooks, Xero, and TurboTax to handle their accounting and tax preparation needs. It makes a huge difference if data is sent straight from the touch screen cash register to a local or cloud server. This makes it easy for you to get all of the necessary information into your accounting software package.