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Understanding Smart City Technology

An Attachment That Makes It Easier To Use A Wheelchair Outdoors

by Gina Reid

If you have difficulty using your manual wheelchair to traverse lawns, sand, gravel, and other unpaved surfaces, your frustrations with using your wheelchair during solo outings may have caused you to limit the time you spend outdoors. An off-road wheelchair attachment contains a pneumatic tire that will lift your chair's front wheels off the ground.

The Technology

A pneumatic tire that is inflated with air will absorb shock and move across uneven and bumpy surfaces. Consider how easily a bicycle or vehicle is able to cross a variety of outdoor surfaces. An attachment that contains a pneumatic tire uses the same technology as other wheeled equipment and vehicles.

A manual chair that contains a rigid frame typically contains two large rear wheels and a set of smaller front caster wheels. The caster wheels are made out of a solid material. Small wheels like these are not able to grip uneven surfaces and will not roll smoothly over curbs or up steep inclines. 

The Use Of An Attachment

An off-road wheelchair attachment will consist of a frame, a tire, and a clip. An attachment that is designed to fold is portable. When an attachment is not in use, it can remain folded and stored inside of a vehicle or home. An attachment contains a clip. The clip is designed to be attached to the front part of a wheelchair's frame. The clip will need to be secured when the pneumatic tire is going to be used.

If an attachment is not going to be actively used but is going to be brought along with an individual who will be using their wheelchair outdoors, the clip can be used to secure the folded attachment to the back or one of the sides of a wheelchair. Accessory manufacturers may feature a series of attachments that each contain a different frame color. The color of an all-terrain attachment can be matched to the color of a wheelchair frame.

An attachment can be used with any type of wheelchair that contains a rigid frame. During the initial use of an attachment, an individual who is going to be seated in a wheelchair or someone who is assisting a disabled individual can secure an attachment's clip to the front frame of a chair. Upon doing so, the pneumatic tire will swing forward. The chair will lift slightly. This will result in the caster wheels being lifted from the ground. It will immediately be easier to cross a variety of unpaved surfaces.

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